Our organic line


The best choice for your health and palate

Agrofruit Srl, as an integral part of the Villari Group, supports good agriculture and has always been particularly attentive to sustainable, organic farming.For this very reason, our Sicilian brands of excellence Lumì and Agrumì are certified organic and PGI. We are also the owners of the Naturèbio organic farming brand, which cultivates and distributes top quality fruit and vegetables, in full compliance with EU regulations.

Naturèbio brand products are grown supporting the natural development of fruit and vegetables, never forcing plants to speed up their development through fertilisers or artificial methods. They thus maintain the nutritional properties and wholesomeness of each product, as well as the flavour and genuineness. Naturèbio, therefore, excels in the market as far as wholesomeness, food safety, taste and naturalness.

Maximum care in product selection and management